Kella Darkhope


Kella Darkhope was a survivor found in the Inn of Nightstone, who identified herself as a monk. When she was found, she had barricaded herself in a room of the inn, and was accompanied only by her winged snake.
The party quickly determined she was not revealing the truth to them, and did not believe her to be a monk as she said. Still, they allowed her to join them at the Keep.

During the first night, hooves were heard outside of the town. The riders who approached the keep called out for Kella, and after a brief exchange between the nobles and their apparent leader Xolkin Allassandar, Kella joined this group now identified as the Seven Snakes of the Zhentarim.

Following this, they demanded to hold the Keep in absence of its steward; this request was denied. Battle ensued, and Kella and the Seven Snakes perished in the assault, in good part due to FuilfiƔin joining the battle in the form of a Dire Wolf.


Kella Darkhope

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