Marc Gilbert Majarra


Lord Marc Gilbert Donatien Auguste Majarra, baron Ellonby, eldest son and heir to Lord Gabriel Gilbert Louis Majarra, Count of Eskett

Half-Elf Bard 9, College of Lore
HP: 48
AC: 15
Speed: 30’
Passive Perception: 14

Strength: 8 (-1)
Dexterity: 16 (3) (6)
Constitution: 10 (0)
Intelligence: 14 (2)
Wisdom: 10 (0)
Charisma: 20 (5) (8)

Acrobatics: 7*
Animal Handling: 2
Arcana: 6*
Athletics: 3*
Deception: 9*
History: 6*
Insight: 4*
Intimidation: 7
Investigation: 10**
Medicine: 2
Nature: 4
Perception: 4*
Performance: 7
Persuasion: 13**
Religion: 4
Sleight of Hand: 5
Stealth: 7*
Survival: 2

Simple Weapons, Hand Crossbows, Longswords, Rapiers, Shortswords
Light Armour
Harp, Lyre, Lute
Gaming Set – Dragonchess


Bardic Inspiration (d8) 5/short or long rest
Position of Privilege
Jack of All Trades (+2)
Song of Rest (d8)
Expertise: Investigation, Persuasion
Cutting Words
Font of Inspiration

DC: 17
Spell attack: +9

0 – Vicious Mockery, Prestidigitation, Message
1 (4) – Detect Magic[R, C10m], Identify, Faerie Fire [C10m], Unseen Servant®
2 (3) – Silence®, Suggestion [C8hr], Aid [8hr]
3 (3) – Tongues, Sending, Counterspell
4 (3) – Polymorph [C1hr], Charm Monster
5 (1) – Synaptic Static, Teleportation Circle

Fine Clothes, Signet Ring, Scroll of Pedigree,
Rapier, dagger
Studded leather armour
Diplomat’s Pack: Chest, 2 cases (maps/scrolls), Fine Clothes, Ink (bottle 1 oz), ink pen, lamp, 2 flasks of oil, 5 sheets of paper, perfume (vial), sealing wax, soap
A four-leaf clover pressed inside a book discussing manners and etiquette
Bag of Holding
Healing potion
2 Greater Healing potions
? gp
Cloak of Billowing
Rapier (Attuned)
Ise Rune (Attuned)
Blessing of the Lillend, Instrument of the Bards (Attuned):
Creatures have disadvantage against spells causing them to become Charmed.
1/day spells – Fly [C10m], Levitate [C10m], Invisibility [C1hr],
Protection from Evil and Good [C10m], Legend Lore [10m casting time],
Mass Cure Wounds [6 creatures within 30’, 3d8+5], Beacon of Hope [C1m]
Crusader’s Mantle [C1m, 30’ radius +d4 radiant damage weapon attacks]

Character traits:
Personality: I’m confident in my own abilities, and do what I can to instill confidence in others.
Ideal: Freedom: Tyrants must not be allowed to oppress the people. (Chaotic)
Bond: The common people must see me as a hero of the people.
Flaw: I don’t believe in the supremacy of the aristocracy, and would prefer a liberal constitutional parliamentary democracy, or at the very least significant restrictions on the Dukes of Waterdeep, requiring them to tread into the open.


Marc Gilbert Majarra

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